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Candid Critics

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apocalypse2012 @ 04:33 pm: Some poems

    I'm going to post them all at once, but each is under a cut. Comments and criticism would be awesome. ^_^. Scathing criticism is even better.


Many times have I given myself to you;
But you are an ephemeral thing,
A quick pulse in a lifetime of heartbeats:
A fading rose in an endless garden.
One such as you should mean little to me,
For lovers are only like shadows,
Feigning life, an illusion of amity.
But as I remember your voice and your touch,
I feel something in- dare I say it- my heart,
The scepter of love is brandished within me.

On the aged glass table is a vase of old flowers,
Once joyous and living, their luster is lost,
Once gorgeous and lush, they are fading away.
I watch their demise, and the creeping of slow rot
Across curling tendrils, a dead rust against the green,
Tainting their petals in slow-burning virulence.
I think, “What a symbol of Eros are these!”

I cannot bear this love, this lust of the heart
For I said I had given my love to another.
This rose, ill-begotten, the seed of my lies,
Multifoliate, flowers like evil itself,
Alluring and sweet in its gentle toxicity,
Blossoming when it should die like the others.
Still, it too shall fade, as does every flower.

But not now, my love, not yet.
Together our hearts grow entwined,
Two vines together, in knowledge of death.
The Path

Dark forest
A narrow path
    A dream
Slowly meandering
River of trodden soil
Forever extending
Into the twilight
Infinate depths
Farthest reaches
Obscured by the overgrowth

Old leaves
Dry leaves
reduce them to dust
Glowing by the waning mon

A falling star
Casts gentle snow
Like strewn flowers
Filtered light
Over leaves
Dry leaves
    Rendered dust
        by heavy footsteps
In Passions Vesperatine

Beneath the wings of a prismic moon
In sylvan hills- a dark abyss
A place where seldom man doth tread
Is brought to life with melody.
    In passions vesperatine, darkest desires
    Inveighed by the pious who love do not know
    Are brought in the darkness to florid fruition,
    Triumphantly flowering, sordidly pure.

Stand before the brazen alter
Kneel to Priapus, thy god.
Dionysus in the moonlight
Comes to mortal company.
In the sordid stars’ light Pan
Doth play his pipes in ecstasy:
A paean to unbound desire,
Sabbath of the fleshly joys.

    Intussuscept thy healing azoth
    Balm of Nature’s procreation.
    We are ashes, cinders, dust,
    By churlish Time forever bound.
    Ephemerally taking pleasure.
    Voided for eternity.

Dance to the Dionysian song
Join Maenads in sanguinity
Take part in Nature’s revelry
For lust is life, and life is lust
And pleasure is vitality.

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